K. 1a – 1f: Keyboard Works

1 April 2013 § Leave a comment

These six works for keyboard can be filed unquestionably in the juvenilia folder of Mozart’s compositions.  Taken together, the half-dozen pieces clock in around 4 minutes in length and, expectedly, none of them can really be said to be great, truly delicious, or of any replay value really at all.  They stand as the opening bookend to Mozart’s works, composed when he was five years of age. They may not be the leviathan of keyboard works, but, from a kindergartener’s hand, they are splendid.

The last of these six, K. 1f, is the most pleasing to my ears and I do include it on occasion, along with K. 1d, in larger Mozart playlists, if only for the novelty. It, like most of Mozart’s early works, exudes a strange, innocent happiness. Perhaps I am reading far too deep into this, my favorite of the lot, but I also feel a sense of longing in the music, like a restrained patience.  K. 1d is also pleasant, reminiscent of a lazy summer day where nothing seems to get done. In other words: enjoyable, but quickly forgotten and wholly unremarkable.  These two, and especially the other four, bounce quickly by and are gone before you feel like you had the chance to ever know them.

I find Guy Penson’s performance (on clavichord) of these works to be the best, found on the album Mozart: Klavierstücke. It is available on Amazon.


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